PowerPlane®- The #1 Ultrasonic Swing Trainer in Golf

PowerPlane®- The #1 Ultrasonic Swing Trainer in Golf

PowerPlane® is golf’s most innovative training device. It uses high precision ultrasonics and patent-pending technology to create invisible vertical planes around your head. Staying within the planes eliminates incorrect movement and quickly promotes proper body motion throughout the swing. The results are:

• Improved Accuracy
• Correct Muscle Memory Development
• Better Practice Sessions

Improving accuracy takes strokes off your score. You’ll keep the ball in the fairway and out of the rough more often; and practicing with PowerPlane® makes the process simple. A recent study conducted by Golf Laboratories, Inc., a leading independent golf equipment testing facility, showed golfers who used PowerPlane® improved the accuracy of their drives by over 14 yards, consistently turning slices into straighter shots and sometimes even a draw.

What Does This Mean?
Better accuracy means less frustration in your game. Less “looking in the woods” for another off-line shot, less aggravation, better scores and lots more fun!

Correct Muscle Memory Development
Muscle memory is defined as the ability to reproduce a particular movement without conscious thought, acquired as a result of frequent repetition of the movement. In golf, muscle memory is critical. Practice doesn’t make perfect – perfect practice makes perfect. Golf courses are filled with golfers who hit ball after ball at the range but never improve. The reason their practice isn’t helping is they are training an incorrect golf swing. Only when you begin practicing the correct mechanics will you start to see results and build the proper muscle memory to make solid golf swings consistently.

What Does This Mean?
With PowerPlane® you can practice with confidence. Remove it from your bag, grab a bucket of balls and swing away. Your regular foursome will marvel at your new and improved game during your next round.

Better Practice Sessions
What? Practice can be fun? Absolutely! PowerPlane® is an easy to use golf training device that is simple to operate and helps make immediate improvements to your golf swing. Turn it on, put the Sonic Sensor on your hat, and start hitting balls – the right way.

Once you adjust to hearing (or preferably, not hearing) the auditory beep, you’ll know you’re staying in the PowerPlane® Zone and making a correct golf swing. And you’ll instantly experience the improvements.

What does this mean?
Your practice is improved. The handicap goes down. Your confidence increases. You spend more time enjoying the game you love – and less time wishing you were playing better!

What Golfers Are Saying
“PowerPlane® is great. It’s helped me with my full swing, making better contact and improving my accuracy. I have a tendency to be in front of the ball at impact. PowerPlane® has also helped me improve my short game, 50+ yard shots. It’s simple and easy to understand.” Andrew R., Amateur Golfer

“I first started working with PowerPlane® to improve my accuracy off the tee and I saw immediate results. I was spraying the ball because I wasn’t staying back on it, but PowerPlane® helped me stay in position throughout the swing and I started hitting the ball straighter and longer!” Rusty S., Amateur Golfer