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+ How will PowerPlane™ help me add more distance?

PowerPlane™ teaches you the feeling of staying behind the ball. This feeling will help you gain better control over your impact conditions and zero-in on the center of the club face. Because you start making consistent centered contact while allowing for full extension and rotation, you will add distance immediately.

+ How will PowerPlane™ help me eliminate my fade/slice?

Slices and fades are normally caused by a path that is moving from the outside and a club face that is open to the path. We often see these mistakes when the golfer hangs back on their right side (RH Golfer) causing a spinning motion of the lower body. When you keep your head in the PowerPlane™ Zone, these errors become smaller, as seen on today’s launch monitors. The combination of the reduced head motion, better path and face control will help eliminate the slice.

+ Can PowerPlane™ help me learn to hit a draw?

PowerPlane™ focuses on keeping the head back long enough which allows the club to come down on a shallower angle. This will give you a better chance of creating draw ball flight conditions where the path is from the inside with a face that is slightly closed to the path.

+ Will PowerPlane™ teach me how to create backspin?

One of the keys to creating better spin is making contact in the center of the face. Keeping your head in the PowerPlane™ Zone has been able to help golfers increase their center face strikes, therefore creating better spin conditions.

+ Will PowerPlane™ help me learn to shift my weight properly?

Weight shift depends a great deal on the position of the head. Keeping the head too far back will prevent a proper pivot and increase the chances of hitting off of the back foot. Conversely, if your head is too far forward, it can cause a reverse pivot. Correct head position and movement, which PowerPlane™ teaches, is vital to understanding and employing better body motion.

+ How will PowerPlane™ help me get rid of my chicken wing?

One reason the chicken wing occurs is when you don’t rotate properly and the lead arm buckles through impact. If your head stays within the PowerPlane™ Zone, your body will have a chance to rotate properly helping create better impact and through swing conditions. The combination of these elements will help eliminate the dreaded chicken wing.

+ Can PowerPlane™ help me hit the ball higher?

PowerPlane™ helps keep you behind the ball which can create better impact conditions and increase club head speed. The combination of these elements can increase shot trajectory.

+ How will PowerPlane™ help me to rotate properly in order to increase my extension?

In order for your body to rotate properly, your head needs to be in the PowerPlane™ Zone. Being in that zone, you will increase the chances of creating a better pivot and body rotation.

+ Can PowerPlane™ help me stop snap hooking the golf ball?

A few potential body errors can increase the ability to hit a big hook. Sometimes your head can be too far behind the ball causing unfavorable impact conditions. Many times the club face will be too closed to the path creating a big hook. In certain scenarios,  the head being out of position can also create contact toward the toe which can also lead to bigger hooks. Another example would be from the body sliding too far forward. In an attempt to ward off a big miss to the right (RH Golfer), the hands and arms shut the face. In both scenarios, keeping your head in the PowerPlane™ Zone, which leads to better head motion, can help create improved impact conditions.

+ How will PowerPlane™ help me maintain better balance throughout my golf swing?

Many golfers experience balance problems because their head is out of position. When your head stays in the PowerPlane™ Zone, balance issues can be reduced substantially.

+ Can PowerPlane™ help me stop moving my head too much during the golf swing?

PowerPlane™ immediately alerts you with a beep when you move your head too far back or forward before impact. The beep is a fantastic tool that allows golfers to get auditory feedback when they have moved too much.

+ How can PowerPlane™ help my chipping and pitching?

The key to consistent chipping and pitching is not allowing your head to fall back as you bring your club forward. PowerPlane™ prevents you from moving your head back, forcing you to rotate your torso and make crisp contact shot after shot.

+ Can PowerPlane™ help my putting?

A key to great putting is keeping the body relatively quiet. Head and body motion should be kept to a minimum allowing the golfer to focus more on the movement of the club and contact. PowerPlane™ helps you achieve this by giving auditory feedback when the head moves forward too early in the stroke.